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Integrate the CFA® certification into your academic programs by becoming a Top Finance partner.

Founded in 2006, Top Finance is European leader in financial training and professional certification. We are present in the majority of Europe’s financial centers: Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and London. Specialized in professional certification preparation CFA®, FRM®, CAIA®, Claritas, CIA®, CMA® and CPA®, we have developed a strong expertise and acquired a unique skill set, attracting thousands of financial candidates every year who hope to optimize their chances of success. Professional certifications have become a major must-have for a career in finance and/or accounting. Top Finance supports your students through our School/University Partnership Program.

About the CFA®


The CFA® is the most recognized and respected professional certification in the world of finance. It offers expertise and practical knowledge about investment decisions as well as recognition in terms of professionalism and integrity. The CFA® consists of three levels (Level I, II & III), very selective, it requires a structured preparation, accompanied by adapted teaching aids.

The benefits of the CFA® Charter

Offers great career opportunities

Recognized degree across the globe

Well payed positions

International career opportunities

The benefits of your school for opening a CFA® program


International aspect

Administered on every continent, the CFA® offers international recognition. The United States account 65% of CFA® charter holders worldwide, followed by 16% in Europe and 15% in Asia.

High reputation & professional ethics

Recognized and respected in the world of finance, highly selective, the CFA® certifies finance professionals aiming at high responsibility positions. This certification reflects professionalism and ethics.


Constant growth in the number of candidates

In perpetual growth with 20% more registrations in 2018 compared to 2017, the CFA Institute has announced a record for the exam, reaching 227,031 candidates in 91 countries.

Integrate the CFA® program into your curriculum

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Our tips for opening your CFA® on-campus program

Follow a multi-week program that coincides with the university calendar

Allow students to double-dip by earning course credits while preparing for the CFA® exam

Procure the Kaplan Schweser resources to your instructors

Select the best study materials

Benefit from our expertise and know-how to support your students

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