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Prepare the SHRM® certification

Live Classes

This 5-day preparation allows you to review and deepen the key points of the program. This intense format covers the challenging core concepts of the SHRM® program with a heavy emphasis on practical exercices.

35 hours of training
9h30am - 5h30pm
SHRM Learning System materials
Certified Instructors


Teaching Methodology

Benefit from the expertise of our expert instructors. The lectures focus on the most critical aspects of the curriculum with a heavy emphasis on practical problem-solving.

Success Guaranteed

If you do not pass the SHRM® exam, you’ll receive a 50% discount off the total fee of your repeated course.

Practice & Review

Test your knowledge through a mock exam and then participate in the correction with an instructor. He goes back in depth on the whole program to guarantee your mastery of the subjects.

In partnership with SHRM

Includes SHRM'S Learning System

  • • Learning modules printed & available online
  • • Smart Path tools adapt to your progress and your time
  • • Body of skills and knowledge (SHRM BoCK 2019)
  • • 6 "Skills in Action" activities help build decision and judgment skills
  • • 1800+ questions about situational judgment
  • • Online Flaschards and printed
  • • Videos of classes
  • • Post-test aligning with the type of exam question
  • • Access to online tools valid for 18 months

SHRM® Weekday Program in Paris

Exam between December 2020 and February 2021
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