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FRM Schweser Essential

Schweser FRM - Essential

320 €

Bring clarity and focus, as well as flexibility and efficiency, to your FRM® Exam preparation. Prepare to pass with SchweserNotes™, 2 full-length practice exams, and the SchweserPro™ QBank with practice questions and self-quiz and review tools.

The FRM Essential package inlcudes: 


Study materials


  • SchweserNotes™- The foundation of your FRM® study program! Concise, clear, and comprehensive, the 4-volume SchweserNotes™ cover every concepts for the exam, with clear explanations, detailed examples, practice problems, and self-tests to measure your progress.
  • SchweserPro™ QBank- Create quizz and practice hundreds of questions in order to gain confidence and improve your knowledge of the FRM® curriculum.
  • Practice Exams - There's no such thing as being "over-prepared"! These 2 complete practice exams let you test yourself like nothing else.
  • Schweser's QuickSheet™- This compact study tool folds out to 6 pages, providing a quick review of the key formulas, definitions, and concepts of the FRM® curriculum.


Academic support


  • Schweser Study Planner- This innovative tool will design your own prep plan! Create a study plan that suits your schedule based on your selected start date.
  • Top Finance Guarantee- If you do not pass the FRM® exam, you are eligible to receive 50% off a PremiumPlusTM or Premium package.
  • Ask your Instructor:Unlimited access to online academic and personalized support that provides you with highly targeted answers to your specific questions and concerns.

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