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21 hours - Live course*
09h30 -17h30
Wiley Learning System
Certified Instructors


Teaching Methodology

Our instructors will focus on the most critical aspects of the curriculum with a heavy emphasis on practical problem solving.

Success Guaranteed

If you do not pass the CMA® exam, you receive a 50% discount off the total fee of the repeated course.



In partnership with Wiley, you will receive:

    • √Online Video: – each video lecture is less than 30 minutes and accompanied by slides, so taking notes is easy. Includes 23 hours of video and 600 slides.
    • Wiley Textbooks: – Concise, clear, and comprehensive, the textbooks cover the entire program, with clear explanations and detailed examples.
    • Practice questions to enhance retention and monitor your progress. 850+ multiple-choice questions for Part 1 and over 1000 for Part 2 and 5 exclusive essay questions per Part.

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