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Financial Risk Manager (FRM®)

The FRM® is an excellent way to develop and certify your expertise in finance risk management.

So you want to be a FRM®?

The right career choice

  • Working in risk management:
  • Build on your experience while enhancing your professional skills and knowledge.
  • Looking to switch careers?:
  • Make a move into risk management in a cost-effective way while acquiring in-demand skills.
  • A Student:
  • Demonstrate that you have the commitment and high level ability to succeed in risk management.
Who is it for ?

Get the skills

  • The FRM® Program is designed to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in financial risk management:
  • FRM® Exam Part I: Learn fundamental tools and techniques used in risk management and the theories that underlie their use.
  • FRM® Exam Part II: Apply the tools and techniques covered in the FRM® Exam Part and dive deeper in investment management and current market issues.
FRM® Exam

+43 000 FRM® Certified

190 Countries around the world
275 hours average study time per level

How to become FRM® Certified

1- The requirements
There are no educational or professional requirements to sit for the FRM® Exam.
2- Register to the FRM® Exam
Top Finance guides you through the steps to register for the FRM® official exam. Applying for the FRM® made easy!
3- Prepare the FRM® Exam
Start your FRM® preparation with Top Finance - we will be at your side every step of the way.     Explore our learning options!
4- Become FRM® Certified
In order to be certified as a Financial Risk Manager and be able to use the FRM® acronym after your name, the following is required: 1. Pass FRM® exam Part I & Part II. Once you pass the FRM® exam Part I, you must then pass the FRM® Exam Part II within 4 years 2. A minimum of two years professional full-time work experience in the area of financial risk management or another related field

Our FRM® preparation

This rigorous designation requires a combination of optimal review program and efficient study materials. Top Finance, in partnership with Kaplan Schweser, accompanies you through your FRM® Exam preparation thanks to comprehensive program available in various formats:

FRM® Live Courses

  • frm live courses
  • Join our classes led by expert instructors.


Schweser Materials

  • frm schweser materials
  • Master your study and prepare on your own terms and schedule.


Corporate Services

  • frm corporate service
  • Bring Top Finance’s expertise to your business.

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