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The FRM® Application Process Made Simple

STEP 1 : to be checked before registration

Before registration for the FRM Exam, Top Finance suggests that you : - Ensure that your current government-issued photo ID matches the name under which you are registering for the exam. Only a current and valid government-issued form of identification, which must include a photograph of the FRM candidate, will be accepted for identification purposes. - Check the key FRM Exam deadlines - Learn about GARP’s Exam policies - Decide where to take your Exam - Review, understand and agree to GARP’s Code of Conduct and Candidate Responsibility Statement

STEP 2 : join the garp (new candidates only)

Your first step is to join the GARP by going to An account is created for you on GARP with this email address and password as login.

STEP 3 : register

Complete the Appropriate Application Form. In the ‘register for’ field, choose which exam you want to register for. You can register either for FRM part I or both FRM part I and II.

STEP 4 : purchase the exam

When registering for the FRM Exam for the first time, you must pay both an enrollment fee and an Exam fee. The enrollment fee is to participate in the FRM Program, not to sit for the individual Exams, so you will not need to pay the enrollment again when registering for the FRM Exam Part II.

STEP 5 : take the exam

The last step is to make sure you turn up for your scheduled exam appointment(s) with the required identification documents. Good luck! The above is a brief guide. If you have any more questions or need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Top Finance. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to guide you every step of the way.