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FRM® Designation – Who is it for?


Professionals who manage risk, money, or investments and want to broaden their knowledge of the different types of financial risk enter the FRM® Program in order to enhance their current skill set. Those who are earlier in their careers benefit from the complete curriculum, which exposes candidates to the major strategic aspects of risk management, while more established practitioners often choose to become FRM® certified in order to ensure that they are apprised of the latest trends in risk management, or they want to challenge themselves by testing their knowledge against an elite pool of risk managers.

Career changers

Career changers, such as those previously working in non-risk roles, become candidates for the FRM® designation in order to broaden their opportunities by gaining specialized, practical knowledge in an area of financial services that is continuing to grow rapidly across the globe.


Students with an interest in finance may elect to sit for the FRM® Exam during or immediately after completing their studies as a complement to their coursework. Students realize that achieving the FRM® designation demonstrates to future employers that they are able to master complex real-world challenges, since the FRM® Exam is practitioner-driven. It also proves their commitment to pursuing a career in managing risk, money or investments.
Source GARP