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CFA Schweser flashcards

Flashcard Set

130 €

Frequent coverage of problem topics and learning outcome statements (LOS) is essential for making your CFA® exam experience a success!

This efficient, effective study tool is portable for a quick self-quiz anywhere. Increase confidence that you have reviewed and retained all the main information from the SchweserNotes. Includes handy carrying case.

Flashcards Pack Details:

  • Cards color-coded by topic (see charts for breakdown by topic)
  • Indexed by study session, reading, and LOS
  • LOS printed on one side; complete answers on the other
  • Cards are single-hole punched for a ring-clasp attachment (6 included)

Although the Flashcard Set is particularly useful for practice and review during your final critical weeks of preparation, we highly recommend you use them throughout your program to cement your conceptual understanding of core concepts and to improve the pace at which you can answer questions.

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