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CFA Kaplan Schweser Essential

Essential™ Package

570 €

All of your essential exam prep tools in one package! Prepare to pass with SchweserNotes™, 4 full-length practice exams, and the SchweserPro™ QBank to self-quiz with thousands of practice questions and review tools. Tutorial help and an array of print and online study tools make the Essential Package an excellent choice for candidates who want a comprehensive self-study program.

The Essential™ package includes: 


Study Materials

  • SchweserNotes™
    The foundation of your CFA® study program! Concise, clear, and comprehensive, the 5-volume SchweserNotes™ cover every required Learning Outcome for the exam, with clear explanations, detailed examples, practice problems, and self-tests to measure your progress.
  • Module Quizzes – NEW
    Test your knowledge with quiz questions (included in SchweserNotes™)
  • Topic Assessments
    Topic-level assessments are designed to identify your level of mastery and provide direction for any necessary remediation. Topic Assessments can be taken within your SchweserNotes™ books or online (included in SchweserNotes™)
  • Activity Feed - NEW
    Take the guesswork out of your study plan, and focus on the tasks that will help you pass.
  • Kaplan Schweser App – NEW
    Take your study plan on-the-go with our new App.
  • SchweserPro™ QBank 
    Thousands of multiple-choice questions help you effectively manage your time while you continually quiz yourself and review critical concepts and Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) from your home, office, or on the go.
  • Practice Exams, Vol. 1 & 2 
    There's no such thing as being "over-prepared"! These 4 full-length practice exams let you test yourself like nothing else.
  • Checkpoint Exams – NEW
    You will be prompted to take three Checkpoint Exams as you work your way through the Study Program. These checkpoint questions mimic the difficulty and format of the actual CFA exam. Performance reports identify how well you understand the topics that have been covered and highlight weak areas where more review is needed.
  • Schweser 's QuickSheet™
    This compact study tool folds out to 6 pages, providing a quick review of the "must-know" key formulas, definitions, and concepts of the CFA® curriculum.
  • Resource Library
    Collection of online reference videos to prepare you for your studies.


Meet Stanley, your personal guide to passing the CFA® exam

The average candidate spends over 300 grueling hours studying for the CFA® exam. It’s not an easy journey—and that’s why Kaplan is proud to introduce Stanley into your learning experience.
Backed by learning science and innovative technology, Stanley tells you what you need to do and when you need to do it within Kaplan Schweser’s Study Program. This intuitive guide ensures you’re efficiently navigating through our full suite of integrated study tools.
Stanley assesses how you’re performing and adapts to you, delivering a personalized learning experience and keeping you motivated throughout your studies…leading to better outcomes on exam day.

Taking exam preparation to the next level

Guidance and Time Management
Receive the guidance you need through our full suite of study tools. From reading your SchweserNotes™ to applying what you’ve learned in the QBank to taking an assessment, you’ll be delivered the most relevant info at the moment you need it. Each time you log in, whether on your computer or in your app, you’ll know exactly how you’re doing and what you need to do next.
Personal and Adaptive
Schweser’s study tools adapt to you through our innovative technology, delivering a more personalized and motivating experience.
Assessments are performed throughout the study program—keeping you informed of how you’re doing and measuring your preparedness for exam day.
Schweser’s seamless learning experience is designed to keep you efficiently moving through your studies, keeping you motivated and leading to successful outcomes.

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With Schweser’s Free Trial, you can experience how the core study tools act as complements to each other, giving you concise and comprehensive coverage of the entire CFA curriculum.
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