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Everything about the Investment Foundations Certificate®


The Investment Foundations Certificate® program provides a fundamental understanding of the investment industry through seven topic modules.
Module 1 Industry Overview 5%
Module 2 Ethics and Regulation 10%
Module 3 Inputs and tools 20%
Module 4 Investment instruments 20%
Module 5 Industry structure 20%
Module 6 Serving client needs 5%
Module 7 Industry controls 20%

Exam format

It is a computer-based exam and is offered exclusively in English.

2 Hours


120 questions


After you complete your exam you will receive a preliminary "pass" or "did not pass" exam result on-screen. Within 5 days of your exam the CFA Institute will email you your official result. If you pass, you will receive your certificate in 4 to 6 weeks after the official result.

Official Pass Rates


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