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All you need to know about the CIA® exam


The Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) exam tests a candidate's knowledge of current internal auditing practices and understanding of internal audit issues, risks, and remedies.
Part I : Internal Audit Basics
Foundations of Internal Auditing 15%
Independence and Objectivity  15%
Proficiency and Due Professional Care 18%
Quality Assurance and Improvement Program 7%
Governance, Risk Management, and Control 35%
Fraud Risks 10%
Part II : Internal Audit Practice
Managing the Internal Audit Activity20%
Planning the Engagement 20%
Performing the Engagement40%
Communicating Engagement Results and Monitoring Progress20%
Part III : Internal Audit Knowledge Elements
Business Acumen35%
Information Security25%
Information Technology20%
Financial Management20%

Exam format

In order to validate each part, the candidate needs to achieve a minimum of 600 out of 720 points.

Part I

Part II & III

2,5 hours


125 questions

2 hours


100 questions

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