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In partnership with Kaplan Schweser, we offer study materials specifically designed by CFA® charterholders and subject-matter experts to maximize the Efficiency and effectiveness of your review program.
"The Kaplan Schweser study materials are of very high quality, the content is easily understandable and is in accordance with the classes." Asma Mammar - Graduated of a Master in finance at ISC Business School

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CFA Schweser PremiumPlus

1 190 €

Schweser PremiumPlus™

Combine effective study materials, expert instruction, and a final review to provide you with maximum confidence.

CFA Kaplan Schweser Premium

870 €

Schweser Premium™

The package combines expert instruction with the most popular study materials.

CFA Kaplan Schweser Essential

520 €

Essential™ Package

Prepare to pass with the SchweserNotes™, 4 full-length practice exams, and the SchweserPro™ QBank.

CFA SchweserNotes

240 €

SchweserNotes™ Package

The package provides a solid framework for your CFA preparation, with clear explanations, 4 full-length practice exams and the QuickSheet.

CFA Schweser Pro Qbank

220 €

SchweserPro™ QBank

Practice what you've learned and quiz yourself with thousands of multiple-choice questions.

CFA Schweser practice Exams

110 €

Practice Exams Vol. 1

Each volume of Practice Exams includes 2 full exams. Build speed and confidence for the exam.

CFA Schweser practice Exams

79 €

Practice Exams Vol. 2

Each volume of Practice Exams includes 2 full exams. Build speed and confidence for the exam.

CFA Schweser Quicksheet

20 €

Schweser QuickSheet

The QuickSheet contains key formulas, definitions, and concepts you must recall on exam day.

CFA Schweser Secret Sauce

95 €

Secret Sauce

This book contains explanations of the most important topics with tips and strategies for the exam day.

CFA Schweser flashcards

110 €

Flashcard Set

Increase your knowledge on key concepts with these training and review cards.

CFA Schweser Online Mock

80 €

Online Mock Exam

Test your knowledge by simulating the exam experience online and enjoy 10 hours of video instruction on the concepts and techniques necessary to answer each question.

CFA Schweser understanding your financial calculator

50 €

Understanding Your Financial Calculator

Familiarize yourself with the use and intricacies of your calculator to save time during the exam.

CFA Schweser Fundamentals courses

89 €

CFA® Fundamental Course

Master the basics of finance before you jump into the CFA® program.

CFA 101 Must Know Level I

105 €

CFA® 101 Must Know - Level I

The 101 Must Know is a late-season online study tool that will ensure you master the fundamentals of the CFA® curriculum.

Schweser Free Trial

With Schweser’s Free Trial, you can experience how the core study tools act as complements to each other, giving you concise and comprehensive coverage of the entire CFA curriculum.
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