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CFA® Interview with Npaly Drame, enrolled to the 2018 CFA® Level I course here at Top Finance.


This interview was conducted in March 2018 with Npaly Drame. Npaly is a candidate for the 2018 CFA® June exam. He holds the position of Asset and Liability Manager at Bank Palatine. He has kindly agreed to answer our questions about his experience at Top Finance.

Top Finance : Npaly first of all, thank you for answering our questions.
Npaly Drame : The pleasure is mine.
Top Finance : Npaly, the classes started in February, what are your first impressions about our CFA® Level I live courses? 
Npaly Drame : Well, the courses focus on the program's essentials. The class is composed of small groups, which is really good because it allows dialogues to take place. It also gives us time to ask specific questions and get the answers.
Top Finance : What is for you the added value of Top Finance in your CFA® preparation?
Npaly Drame : The added value of Top finance is to dissect the program that is quite dense. In other words, the Kaplan Schweser supports help to understand the fundamentals of the program. In addition, they make it easier to structure the revisions ang get through it step by step.
Top Finance : How do you find the Kaplan Schweser supports provided by Top Finance?
Npaly Drame : The classes are quite dense. The Qbank and mock exams are the easiest way to progress in the preparation of the CFA®.
Top Finance : What do you think of the instructors?
Npaly Drame : Teachers are dynamic and allow us to quickly understand the expectations of the program. The implementation of topics through exercises that we do are essential to succeed.
Top Finance : And finally, are you confident in the success of your exam this year?
Npaly Drame : Absolutely, all the keys to succeed are present!

Npaly Drame, Asset Liability Manager at Bank Palatine