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CFA® interview with Stéphane Poisson, enrolled to the 2018 CFA® Level II preparation courses at Top Finance.


This interview was conducted in April 2018 with Stéphane Poisson. Stéphane is a candidate for the 2018 CFA® June exam. He holds the position of Project Manager at the Energy Regulatory Commission. He has kindly agreed to answer our questions about his experience at Top Finance.

Top Finance : Stéphane, thank you for answering our questions. 
Stéphane Poisson : No problem.
Top Finance : Stéphane, the classes started in February, what are your first impressions about our CFA® Level II live courses?
Stéphane Poisson : The Level II preparation courses are in continuity with the Level I. The same course structure is found, certain topics (QUANT, CORP in particular) are quickly the subject of training questions with the instructor who then develops the concepts based on the answers to the questions. Other courses begin with a synthetic presentation of concepts before starting exercises effectively (FRA, Derivatives). The organization of the course adapts to the complexity of each subject and the time devoted to it.
Top Finance : Did you continue Level II right after Level I? Was it a good decision?
Stéphane Poisson : Yes I continued the level II preparation right after the Level I. I think it was a good decision as the Level II content is quite complementary to the Level I topics. Having Level I concepts in mind is therefore valuable for Level II and, I think, it helps a lot to save time in the preparation. Moreover, the formalism of the exam (form of the questions, tactics to answer them...) remains very close to the Level I despite the item set. It is then an advantage not to have to familiar yourself again with it.
Top Finance : What is the added value of Top Finance in your preparation for CFA® Level II?
Stéphane Poisson : The preparation with Top Finance provides a framework adapted to the examination and which can be used to schedule your revision. Top Finance also offers several sessions in the week to prepare for the exam which makes it easy to catch a session by switching from one to another. The added value of the instructors is also very important. They have a great knowledge of the subjects which enables them to synthesize the studied concepts effectively and make the most complex concepts of the program comprehensible. Finally, the sharing from the instructors and Top Finance supervisors about the CFA® exam is very interesting.
Top Finance : What are for you the big differences compared to Level I? 
Stéphane Poisson : Level II is much denser. The content is also further developed from a theoretical point of view. Finally, on the exam format, the item sets are a real novelty compared to Level I, which requires preparation.
Top Finance : Out of the three levels, the CFA® Level II is considered to be the most difficult one, are you confident in the success of your exam this year? 
Stéphane Poisson : I try to put all the chances on my side by preparing seriously the exam and I hope to feel ready the day of the exam. I will see if I am confident at the exit of the examination room.
Top Finance : And finally, what are your plans for the future? 
Stéphane Poisson : I hope to get Level II this year in order to prepare Level III next year.
Top Finance : Well, Stéphane, we wish you of course the best of luck for your exam. 
Stéphane Poisson : Thanks to you.