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What Makes the CFA® charter a Top Financial Industry Credential ?

Leading global recognition
The CFA® charter is the most valued investment credential in the world with five decades of respected history.
Benchmark for recruitment
Employers regard the CFA® charter as a desirable and increasingly essential credential.
Graduate level curriculum
The program provides a solid grounding in investment analysis and portfolio management skills.
A global network
Join a network with more than 120 000 members.
Equipment for analysis and decision-making
The CFA® charter equips its holders with the most required skills in the global fast-evolving financial industry.
Proven financial sharpness
Successful candidates demonstrate mastery of in-demand know-how.
Enforcing ethical standards
A CFA® charterholder upholds the highest professional standards and adheres to a strict code of ethics.
Implementing global best practices
Extensive ongoing analysis ensures that charterholders embrace current global best practices in their work.

How can we help you?

The CFA® exam

The CFA® exam prepares you for a three-part exam, designed to demonstrate your investment decision-making abilities.

CFA® preparation

Top Finance, in partnership with Kaplan Schweser, accompanies you through your CFA® exam preparation.