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Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA®)

The CAIA® designation provides the strong foundation of knowledge, global recognition and expertise needed to succeed in the world of alternative investments.

Why should you pursue the CAIA® designation?

CAIA® positions

  • CAIA® charterholders work in the following job:
  • Analyst
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Business development / Sales
  • Consultant / Advisor / Broker / Dealer
  • Support Operations
  • Due Diligence
  • Risk Manager
  • Trader

The CAIA® Exam depicted

  • The CAIA® Program prepares you for a two-part exam designed to demonstrate your expertise in alternative investments:
  • Level I: 
  • Understand the alternative asset classes and learn the tools and techniques used to evaluate the risk-return.
  • Level II: 
  • Apply the knowledge and analytic tools learned in Level I within a portfolio management context.
  • Both levels include segments on ethics and professional conduct.
Delve into the CAIA® exam
7 700 Members
1 year to be certified
200 hours average study time per level

How to become CAIA®?

1- Requirements
To enroll in the CAIA® Program you need to meet the requirements. You need to hold a Bachelor's degree of any major.
2- Register to the CAIA® Exam
Top Finance guides you through the steps to register for the official exam. Applying made easy!
3- Prepare the CAIA® Exam
Start your preparation with us : Top Finance is at your side every step of the way. Explore our learning options
4- Become a CAIA® charterholder
To earn a CAIA® charter, you must: 1. Pass both CAIA® Level I and CAIA® Level II exams. 2. Have more than one year of professional experience in the regulatory, banking, financial, or related field. 3. Provide two professional references. 4. Submit payment for the annual CAIA® Association membership fee.

Our CAIA® preparation

This rigourous designation requires a combination of optimal review program and efficient study materials. In partnership with Kaplan Schweser, Top Finance supports you through your CAIA® exam preparation thanks to comprehensive programs available in various formats:

Live Courses

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  • Join our classes led by expert instructors.


Schweser Materials

  • supports pedagogique
  • Be the master of your study on your own terms and schedule.


Corporate Services

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  • Bring Top Finance’s expertise to your business.

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